icedeyez (icedeyez) wrote in blonde_gothic,

Need (Fast) Help Dye-ing Hair.....

First post!!!

Anyway. For reasons I dont really plan on displaying.......I need to dye my hair. again. This saturday i just dyed my hair with a semi permanent hair dye from Hot Topic (not sure what brand) but it was bright red, and i believe it glows under blacklight, if that helps. Anyway, I need to dye it a natural color.....and I got Loreal boxed Medium Golden Brown (its called, but it's a pretty dark brown) in permanent dyes. Anyway, I haven't done it yet.....but I'm wondering if this is a really bad idea, if it will or wont turn out, etc. and i'm wondering if there's any one of you who can help me with an answer...

(sorry, if this isn't where I should post this, mods....I just need quick help)

much appreciated

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