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Make Up Must Haves...

Some of my current favorites, highly recommended!

DermaBlend Reflections Foundation
This stuff is awesome! It takes very little for full face coverage, and has Melasyn in it, which helps to diffuse light and self adjust to your individual skin tone. Another nice benefit, is that it's water based. My skin, without make up looks fresher and cleaner than it has in years, with fewer breakouts and blemishes. Leaves a nice, healthy glow too, as opposed to a horribly fake, matte look, but still provides the coverage of something more heavy duty.
On a related note, I've also started cutting my moisturizer with pure Aloe Vera gel, which seems to be helping to smooth out my skin some, and have added a little Green Tea to my Witch Hazel as an astringent. The hot new trend in the spa and skin field, is straight Green Tea, which helps to reduce pore size, clarify, tone and reduce inflammation and break outs. So far, so good with my experiment. My skin certainly seems firmer between the use of the Green Tea and the Aloe in the moisturizer.

Nars Orgasm Blush
Still loving this! Really, it's the perfect post orgasm glow for cheeks. I can't say enough about the color, and I love the streak-free, fine milled texture. I've also been sweeping a little over lids on days I don't feel like wearing shadow, and it looks clean, healthy and...well, happy. *G*

M.A.C. Iridescent Pressed Powder
I was a little disappointed with this at first, because it's not really iridescent. It's shimmery. On closer inspection, the shimmer seems to be iridescent, however the particles are fine enough that it's a moot point. And, it's a little too shimmery for me to use all over, which is what I had originally intended. But, it's great on eyes! I've been using it both on my lids and in the inner corners and under my eyes, to brighten them up. It's gorgeous alone, but I find I can also use it over other colors that are otherwise matte (or don't have enough shimmer) without losing the intensity of the color. A little goes a long way, so considering the size of the pan/tray, it makes for a much more economical M.A.C. investment.

Du Wop Lip Venom
It does plump and flush, as I believe I have mentioned previously. It's a perfect compliment to the Nars blush, since it gives lips a nice, natural pink wash of color, without looking like a cosmetic. The Nars Orgasm Lip Gloss also gives lips a post romp glow, but it's less sheer -- more creamy and shimmery (it's a soft, baby pink with subtle golden shimmer, BTW). Not as natural looking, I guess, in my opinion. Lip Venom is clear and colorless, so whatever color you get is actually your lips -- but better.
I recently placed a new order at My Lip Stuff, and included Brea's Heartbroken balm in my order. It's jalapeno and cinnamon, and from what I understand, has a very similar effect to Lip Venom, at a fraction of the cost. Not to mention, MLS balms have a texture to die for and a very soft, kissable shine. Good stuff. I will keep you posted with the results of my MLS experiment. ;)

Very possibly of great importance here, is that skin lighteners containing Hydroquinone, when used too frequently or in too high a concentration have been found to cause Cancer. There are other, safer alternatives on the market, that do work, although experts argue on how well. I think the real issue is speed. Hydroquinone seems to work faster than other products, which is part of it's appeal. However, I have been using a natural lemon and licorice based product with good results, although it has taken several weeks for me to see noticeable change.
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