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Loreal Review

New to drugstores is line called H.I.P. (High Intensity Pigments). They have some interesting colors, and based on that, I guessed this was Loreal's attempt at products to compete with M.A.C., on a drugstore level.
I picked up an eyeshadow to give it a try. And, while it's not M.A.C., they come pretty close.
Eyeshadows are duos (so, two colors in each pot). I went with Cheeky, which is a deep rust paired with a deep coffee color. The formula is smooth and crease-resistant like M.A.C., but the one thing I noticed right off the top is that H.I.P. doesn't have the same blendability that M.A.C. does.
My only other complaint was that the darker, coffee colored shade in the duo, wasn't intense enough to contrast the shimmery rust color. The coffee color was lost immediately after applying it to my creases.
But, it did wear well all night without need for touch up. The color is intense and highly pigmented, and stayed that way without creasing or ending up places other than where I originally put it. It's lightweight and easy to wear.
They also offer foundations, highlighters and bronzers, blushes, lipsticks and glosses in the line. I'm hoping they continue to expand it to incorporate some more colors, since it's half the price of M.A.C. Granted, it won't replace M.A.C. in my make up case, but the accessibility and affordability of it would make it handy for colors I don't use often, or if I just can't make it to a M.A.C. retailer.

Not a new product, rather one that's apparently being discontinued. I picked it up at a local Walgreen's for roughly two bucks because they have been reduced to clear. I went back and got a second one because I love the color (Fusion was my choice -- a plummy magenta with blue/green iridescence) and the gloss is wonderfully smooth and fluid. I didn't notice any plumping, but that's not why I bought it so I'm very happy with it. Walgreen's in my area (AZ) have a LOT of reduced make up, so you may want to check it out.
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