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Fashion Reviews!

Eliza J Velvet Godet Skirt
$49.99 from Smart Bargains
Floor length, velvet skirt with mesh panels. Fitted at the top, flares at the bottom. Long and flowy, undeniably seductive. I felt gorgeous wearing this! It shows just enough leg to be incredibly sexy, but not so much that it's work inappropriate.
I would also like to recommend the company mine was purchased from. Smart Bargains has some awesome products, at reasonable prices and fantastic customer service.

Demonia Boots Slush 225 Spike Angel
$79.99 from Blue Blood Racing
Knee high boots with 5 inch heel. 4 buckles on the outside, zipper on the inside, laces up the front. Very hot boots, I've had tons of compliments, and while it took me a while to get used to walking in them, I find them very difficult to drive in. Since I do a lot of driving, that keeps me from wearing them as much as I'd like. They're also not made as well as I would like. I've worn them three times, and I already have a small tear in the "tongue". Nothing I can't sew up, and not noticeable if I do, so I'm not terribly upset, but I would have thought they would be made better for the price. I also got their Ranger boots for (I believe) $49.99, but have yet to wear them more than to try them on. Also very hot, more like a cross between a hiking boot and an old Doc. 3 inch heel on those.
I was a little put off by Blue Blood when I ordered. They were out of stock on my first choice (the Spike Angel in the matte black), but were still advertising them as available, and in my size. They lost the correspondence regarding my second choice, but did go out of their way to make it right and rush shipping when I called about it.

Paris Blues Micro Fiber Slouch Boots
$39.00 from Paris Blues
It's been several months since I ordered these, but I did want to mention the company, and their products. I LOVE these boots! Knee high, soft faux suede slouch boot with a 3 inch wedge heel. They are my favorites, and I get more compliments on them. They're sexy and classy, and uber comfortable.
Plus, the people who run Paris Blues are very cool. They were out of these when I originally ordered, but actually held a pair when they came in my color and size. Some of their stuff is a little...trendier than I personally like, but every once in a while they get something like these boots that suit whatever mood you happen to be in.

I would avoid...

Newport News
They have some unique pieces that can be anything from preppy to goth, at affordable prices. However, I was very disappointed with their quality. Out of four purchased items, I have already sent two back --
~Snap Front Dress -- It was the wrong size, nobody's fault, but the fabric was a very stiff cotton as opposed the the soft, flowing cotton I would have expected from the pictures and description. I opted for a refund on this item because of that.
~Velvet Peasant Blouse -- This I returned because it was described as velvet. What I got was a stiff, 70's velveteen. It also looked nothing like it was shown. Instead of having shape to it, it hung straight through the torso, making me look 3 sizes larger than I am.

I also received a chenille V-neck sweater and a chenille hoodie. The hoodie is fine, however the sweater has been worn once and already appears to be "pulling." It has spots all over it that appear as if they were caught on a sharp object and pulled, when I know that's not the case.

While I was most disappointed by the quality of Newport News' garments, their customer service also leaves something to be desired. Getting a hold of someone to answer a question is hell, and then they just run you around in circles. Shipping is also super slow and I have heard nothing about the items I returned for a refund.

Other bargains!

Sephora is having a sale! They seem to be out of a lot of things online, but I would think that physical stores would have more selection, assuming they are also offering the sale.
Bath and Body Works is having their semi-annual sale! Online and in store, stock up on discontinued fragrances (I love their White Ginger and Amber) and Tutti Dolci glosses!

For the lip balm fans...
If you haven't already, check out My Lip Stuff. They have all kinds of products, but I'm waiting on an order of some of their lip balms. They have every flavor imaginable, and if they don't have the one you're dreaming of, let them know. They'll make it!
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