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Happy New Year!

2006. Wow, time flies. Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season.
My holiday season was productive, if not a tad stressful, and now that has subsided, I have some free time to update a little more. I'd like to kick things off with a few reviews of some of the fabulous beauty booty (sorry...I just HAD to type that) I found in my stocking.

Brand: Nars
Color: Orgasm Lip Gloss and Orgasm Blush -- Promoted as being the color of lips and cheeks post orgasm. Soft, nudish pink with subtle gold shimmer.
Package Says: Came in signature Nars box, but neither the gloss or blush say much of anything else.
Verdict: I was a little skeptical. I'm not a huge fan of blush, but this is, by far, the BEST blush I have ever used. It really does give the appearance of a healthy, just f***ed flush. Ditto for the gloss, which is thick but fluid. Not sticky, gritty or greasy.
Get it: Sephora
Price:$45.00 for the set

Brand: Sephora
Color: 5 in the set -- Silver Fever, Gold & Glow, Rosy Glow, Hot Coral, Sexy Blackberry. Names are pretty self explanatory. All are super shimmery, except the blackberry, which is more sheer.
Package Says: Sephora logo on tubes.Tubes in clear mini pouch.
Verdict: Thick, smooth, fluid glosses. No weird taste, and smells kind of like sugar cookies. Not unpleasant at all. The gold and silver are my favorites, since they go on a little more nude and shimmery.
Get it: Sephora

Brand: Dior Addict Ultra Gloss
Color: #151 Lick of Taffy -- soft, nudish pink with lots of gold/green iridescent shimmer
Package Says: Dior logo
Verdict: Gorgeous color! I now understand why it was hard to get. It smells/tastes a little funky, but it's worth it for the super shimmer and smooth, light-weight gloss.
Get it: Sephora

Brand: MAC
Color: Dressed to Kiss -- neutral pressed powder with heavy shimmer that's super fine, so it's not "glittery".
Package Says: MAC logo on compact
Verdict: Awesome! Use sparingly for cheeks and collarbone, use a little more heavily on eyes. Very versatile. I've also found I can layer it over other eyeshadow colors for added shimmer, without diluting the base color too much.
Get it: MAC

This product is very cool, in my opinion. A gift from a fabulous friend who knows how I feel about scent.
It's a slim compact with nine different 3 ml. vials of base scents inside. The scents can be worn alone, but it recommends spraying two (or more) together to create a whole new, unique scent. The base scents include:
*Citrella (Citrus + Energetic)
*Aztique (Fruity + Flirty)
*Amorito (Sweet + Irresistible)
*Minteva (Fresh + Delicate)
*Beleaf (Light + Graceful)
*Velique (Floral + Romantic)
*Zinzibar (Spicy + Chic)
*Chymara (Musky + Sexy)
*Altaro (Oriental + Passionate)
The set comes with a nifty brochure that includes a fragrance combination grid, offering fragrance combinations based on mood to get you started.
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